Hiking the Hinterlands - 3 day Hiking Combo

Hiking the Hinterlands - 3 day Hiking Combo

Duration: 3 days / Difficulty: Very easy

Each of our day hikes takes you into a particular area of Iceland’s myriad of entrancing and captivating places. Such places are not just visually wonderful but they also engender strong emotions that stir both the mind and the heart. By hiking in such areas, nature’s awesome grandeur can be fully appreciated and relished. Hiking also allows time to stand, to stare and to permit the rich surrounding nature to envelop you.

By combining each of our three most popular and contrasting hikes (ÞórsmörkFimmvörðuháls and Þríhyrningur), into a Combo Tour, the impact of experiencing such glorious landscapes is hugely memorable.

Note that this is a discounted combination of 3 day tours. Accommodation is not included. We highly recommend booking a bed at Midgard Base Camp to make the most of your stay!

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